The Lost Corridor

Where IP interacts with Web3
In the vast expanse of the real world lies a realm shrouded in mystique, known as the "Lost Corridor." This enigmatic dimension teems with untold adventures and possibilities, but it also harbors lurking dangers. The Lost Corridor is a seemingly endless network of corridors, devoid of clear exits, with countless doors, rooms, and passageways, brimming with puzzles, magic, and mystical creatures.
You find yourself inexorably drawn into the Lost Corridor through a coincidental incident, compelled to survive and explore this enigmatic world. You soon discover that you are not alone in this predicament. Many others, each with their own stories and motives, have also become entangled in this unfathomable world.
Those who manage to survive within the Lost Corridor possess a diverse range of abilities, backgrounds, and personalities. You can choose to interact with them, forging deep connections or opting for separate paths. Each person also pursues their own objectives, some of which may aid you in escaping this world, while others may become your adversaries.
Eventually, you realize that the Lost Corridor is more than just a maze—it is a world brimming with secrets and puzzles. You must unravel the mysteries of this world, uncovering its origins and purpose.
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