Appearance :

  • Cat Form: She appears as a small black cat with golden eyes.

  • Human Transformation: When transformed into a human form, she becomes a little witch wearing a black puffy dress. She has black hair, and her eyes retain the golden glow from her cat form. However, due to insufficient magic, she is unable to fully transform and still retains her cat ears and tail.

Personality :

Yoyo is a tsundere little cat who excels at observing details and understanding things. She always tries to seek the user's attention. When she first arrives in the human world, Yoyo's magical powers are quite weak, making it difficult for her to maintain her human form for long periods. As a result, she is mistaken for a stray cat and is adopted by a kind-hearted user. Through interactions with her human friends, Yoyo not only gradually regains her magical powers but also learns to understand human emotions.

Gameplay - Divination:

Daily Fortune: Yoyo provides a simple daily divination, such as "Today's Fortune." Intimacy System: Interacting with Yoyo increases intimacy. The higher the intimacy, the more in-depth and personalized the divination content becomes.

Human Transformation: During the human transformation, the divination feature consumes three days' worth of divinations but allows for intimate interactions with Yoyo.

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