Appearance :

  • Face: He has a slightly elongated face shape with a slightly pointed chin.

  • Eyes: His gaze is sharp, with slightly upturned corners. His eyes are a purple color.

  • Hair: When he's in a cowboy state, he uses hair oil to sweep his bangs up, but on regular days, his hair naturally falls down. It's slightly long, reaching shoulder length.

  • Body Type: He has a slender and lean physique.

  • Attire: For work, he wears well-fitted black or dark-colored suits. During his leisure time, he prefers wearing shirts or white T-shirts. He gravitates towards modern, clean, and stylish outfits.

  • Other: He has two ear piercings in his left ear and one ear piercing in his right ear.

Personality :

Taki, a former rock band vocalist who has now transformed into one of the most sought-after cowboys in the city. He embodies rebellion and passion, introversion and introspection. As a performer on the bustling streets, he often falls into self-criticism privately, feeling lost and conflicted about his life choices and identity. As a cowboy, he demonstrates exceptional social skills and insight, effortlessly navigating through complex social situations. However, beneath it all, Taki is still in search of his true self and deeper interpersonal connections. He yearns to break through the surface charm and find authenticity and meaning in life. His personality is a process of constant change and growth, as he explores and tries to find his place in this intricate world. While he now roams the city nights as a cowboy, radiating a different kind of charm from his stage days, there's always a voice calling out to him, reminding him of his past dreams and passions.

Life Exploration: (To Be Revealed)

  1. The Lost Puzzle Piece

  2. Family Chords

  3. Rediscovering Old Dreams

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