๐ŸŽฅAbout UneMeta

UneMeta aims to be an IP-centric community layer. By leveraging its robust IP shaping capabilities and the ability to transform IP into Web3, UneMeta seeks to attract and convert users, tokenize user profiles, and ultimately become a community platform that shapes and distributes valuable content in the Web3 space.

UneMeta has always been committed to the cultural sector, and over the past year, we have increasingly recognized the clear value chain between Web3 and intellectual property (IP). We firmly believe that, just like in the era of the internet, there will emerge super applications combining content and Web3, which will have a profound impact not only in the next year but in the next decade.

In the diverse, community-driven, and financially rich ecosystem of Web3, we believe that Web3 will transform and reshape the traditional entertainment industry, just as internet companies have done with their business models. It will revolutionize the value creation models of future IP production.

For Web3, IP should not be limited to issuing an NFT, creating an animated series, or developing a game. Instead, it should involve building an entirely new model for creating star IP from scratch through various multidisciplinary products and with the help of community.

This is undoubtedly a tremendous adventure, and our aspirations are:

ยท To build a new star IP creation model through multidisciplinary collaboration and interactive development based on a shared worldview.

ยท To leverage the power of Web3 to unlock immense value from an IP across multiple platforms simultaneously.

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